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East West Pharma is an organization rooted to the conviction that improvement and innovation in healthcare happen when a company tuned to emerging ailment patterns teams up with a passionate community committed to delivering solutions that leverage the latest in medical science.

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East West Pharma aims to create an enabling environment where excellent performance is not happenstance but the result of collective effort of people who have a clear vision and the skills to match. The company considers each person’s talents as enduring and unique. To channel this diversity and generate superior performance, there are periodic training and development interventions coupled with follow through in real work situations. The appraisals while measuring performance and serving as tools for course correction often morph into platforms for competence building specific to the job. The employee benefit and retention strategies are designed to instill self-motivation as well as encourage individual initiative.


East West Pharma

Vision and Mission Statement

Our Philosphy

Our operating philosophy will be guided by the premise that the best way to manage the future is to invent it.


To be present across the entire healthcare delivery vertical through offering patients as well as clinicians a wide choice of therapeutic options that leverage the latest in medical science.


It is our mission to offer leading edge solutions to emerging healthcare problems. Through a constantly evolving product portfolio we will address specific needs of every clinical segment.


Strategies that are customer-centric. Meritocracy, Accessibility and transparency, Respect for the individual


News & Events

Knowledge, the cornerstone of human progress, has always possessed the inherent ability to transcend barriers. This is especially true of healthcare. It is through the pursuit of knowledge, coupled with the willingness to challenge preconceived notions and embrace diverse perspectives, that healthcare has made remarkable advancements.

East West Pharma has been supporting initiatives that help knowledge break boundaries and reach a larger audience. The company participated in the ROOTS_VI conference on 16th, 17th and 18th June at Bangalore which emphasized advancements in aesthetic dermatology. Several of our products were on display, including a unique probiotic sunscreen which created a lot of interest among senior dermatologists.

The junior doctors, already linked together through our monthly GLOW webinars, found the wide range of products at the display hub a reaffirmation of our commitment to provide flexibility of choice for the practicing dermatologists. The stall saw more than 400 footfalls which provided an opportunity for us to network beyond geographical boundaries.

East West Pharma at the south zone CME of Indian Psychiatric Society, Kerala Chapter

The Calicut Psychiatry Guild organized a CME for Psychiatry Practitioners on 29th & 30th April at Calicut, under the aegis of the Indian Psychiatric Society, Kerala State Branch. East West Pharma was part of this academic fest which attracted around 200 delegates. The company had set up a display hub with an emphasis on brands like ARIZE(Aripiprazole), OLPIN(Olanzapine) and RIDON (Risperidone). The stall served as an excellent platform for increasing awareness of Senior practitioners and junior doctors on EVOLVE-our PG Webinar series on Psychiatry.
East West Pharma had set up a studio for bespoke professional information cards for doctors and many evinced keen interest in getting the same designed.

A wide range of products, dedicated therapy area executives, careful selection of products and creation of value monopolies have put East West Pharma on the fast track which is now the fastest-growing pharmaceutical company in the south zone. As per IQVIA MAT March 2023, (April 2022-March 2023) East West Pharma is growing at 65% in South Zone with a turnover of 190 crores. Dermatology and Cardio-Diabetic segment continues to drive growth. The Neuro segment has been put on the front burner with brisk initiatives to improve penetration and reach. The company is in the process of strengthening the Ortho & Gynae portfolio as well as step up the promotional thrust. Fresh initiatives have been launched alongside the expansion of operations in the North, East & West Zone.

True to its philosophy of KEEPING PACE WITH SCIENCE, East West Pharma participated in The Karnataka Neurosciences Academy conference (KNACON) held between 28th to 30th April at SHIVAMOGA, Karnataka. The conference attracted more than 200 delegates. East West Pharma had set up a product display hub which saw a footfall of 100 plus delegates. Brands in the spotlight were Pregarol(Pregabalin), Levinz(Levetiracetam), Sebenz(Clobazam) and Vitrace Nervz(Nerve nutrition).
Since emphasis is on dissemination of updated clinical information, the CME booklet edited, designed and printed by East West Pharma for TANS (Tamil Nadu Association of Neurological Surgeons) was distributed in the stall. Several senior doctors appreciated the initiative.
East West Pharma also launched KNACON membership ID card and personnel from the company were called on stage by KNACON organizers as a gesture of recognition. The company also had set up a live studio for designing professional information cards for doctors.

As the pandemic ravaged the nation, every company was forced to think not only out of the box but the nature of the box itself. SARS-COV-2 targeted the frontline health workers as they fought to contain the scourge. Out of compulsion consultations and meetings had to be shifted to a virtual platform.

East West Pharma responded to the challenge in multiple ways. Virtual platforms were created at record speed to facilitate online consultations. The company encouraged and supported virtual conferences like CUTICON and Annual World Diabetic Convention, aimed at dissemination of updated scientific content. Virtual courses were conducted to the salesforce to sustain the feeling of connect and also to instill confidence in them to handle melancholy.

Though the company’s resilience was tested, looking at the challenges as opportunities in disguise helped to ride through the turbulence. The fight is not over yet, nor is innovation within the company on how to handle this unprecedented, non-linear, unpredictable socio-economic and healthcare crisis.

To improve access to a wide range of quality medicines to those in micro interiors, East West Pharma has launched a rural outreach initiative. Dedicated salesforce has been deployed to cover villages . This team will talk to pharmacists, doctors to update them on availability of medicines across several therapeutic segments and also facilitate setting up satellite clinics in select villages. The plan is to put together a  team comprising of 100 salespeople in Tamil Nadu alone for covering micro-interiors. In a phased manner this initiative will be launched across the country. This also will give employment to several with the advantage of choosing their own hometown as a base for work.

East West Pharma had a significant presence in CUTICON-TN (6th,7th & 8th July) and TAPICON-TN ( 13th 14th & 15th July) held recently at Kodiakanal. The newer products showcased drew lot of attention. Clinicians expressed their happiness over the role East West Pharma is playing in the dissemination of updated clinical information and sharing of experience. The foot fall in the stall for each conference exceeded 250. The exchange of information helped the company to come back with ideas on fine tuning the product portfolio to make it much more relevant to emerging needs.
True to its philosophy of supporting initiatives of the medical fraternity in disseminating updated clinical information, East West Pharma participated in the national IADVL meet held on January 18,19,20 &21at Kochi. The EWP ground force worked hard to ensure that the doctors who visited the stall had a positive experience. Dermatologists showed keen interest in the new products like Glufair, Skinscreen gel, Giggle syndet bar and Dersol foaming face wash showcased by the company. The foot fall in the stall exceeded 1000 with many international delegates too evincing interest in the product range. It also gave an opportunity for outsight, the sibling of insight- an opportunity to keep our mind open to the passage of ideas and information that can fuel future innovation. It was wonderful sharing ideas with senior dermatologists and we too resolved in line with the theme of the conference that we will take these ideas "from podium to practice"
True to the central premise that obsolescence and entropy can strike any system at any time,East West Pharma conducts frequent audits of its manufacturing facilities to ensure that the processes are current and conform to upgraded standards. The company, through deliberate processes, has linked quality with profitability, defined it from the customer’s point of view and ensured its inclusion in the strategic planning process. In the most radical departure of all, the company has urged those engaged in manufacturing to view quality as an aggressive competitive weapon. This obsession with quality has recently earned the Roorkee manufacturing facilityISO 9001:2015 accreditation, affirming compliance to upgraded standards.

Brands on the Fast Track

MINSCALP (Minoxidil)
MINSCALP (Minoxidil) among the Top Brands in the Pharma Industry in India (IQVIA REPORT-JAN 2023)
BETALOL (Nebivolol)
BETALOL (Nebivolol) among the Top Brands in the Pharma Industry in TamilNadu (IQVIA REPORT-JAN 2023)
KETAFUNG (Ketoconazole)
KETAFUNG (Ketoconazole) among the Top Brands in the Pharma Industry in TamilNadu (IQVIA REPORT-JAN 2023)








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