Prof. Dr. N. V. Ramana Rao’s Student Alumni Meet

Guntur Medical College, Prof. Dr N V Ramana Rao’s students Alumni Meet.

Prof. Dr. N. V. Ramana Rao’s Student Alumni Meet.

Venue: Psychiatric Department Seminar Hall, GGMC, Guntur.

Date: 14-10-2023   Time: 7:00 am to 9:30 am

Professor Dr N.V. Ramana Rao is an Eminent speaker, who created many top-notch psychiatrists across the country. Dr. N. V. Ramana Rao’s alumni arranged a felicitation ceremony to honor their beloved professor.

Dr. N. V. Ramana Rao’s students’ work in the field of psychiatry was showcased during the program, where they were recognized for their contributions. This recognition covered a broad spectrum of their projects, including articles, research papers, theses, case studies, diagnoses, treatments, and community involvement. The event saw participation from over 30 psychiatrists and 20 PGs across the country.

Dr. Uma Jyothi, HOD, and Dr. V. V. Kiran, Associate Professor at Guntur Medical College, were the initiators of the program.

East West Pharma was responsible for the entire program, including inviting participants, providing technical support during the discussion, arranging the interiors, and photography with a banquet. The meeting was a grand success and served as a great source of motivation for postgraduate students, as they learned from their predecessors’ experiences.