East West Pharma was part of a well-organized and successful conference of Dermatologists at Odisha, on 2nd & 3rd December 2023. Participating in events like Odisha Cuticon 2023 is a strategic move for East West Pharma as it aligns with the company’s goal of consolidating its presence in Dermatology in the Odisha region.

Odisha Cuticon 2023 served as a prominent platform where professionals and experts in the dermatological field came together. The event provided excellent networking opportunities for East West Pharma to connect with dermatologists, healthcare professionals, and key decision-makers in the dermatology sector in Odisha. Being part of Odisha Cuticon 2023 also enabled the company to gain valuable insights into regional market trends, challenges, and opportunities in dermatology.

Around 150 delegates attended the conference, and our stall had a foot fall of more than 120 delegates. The in-stall events generated lot of interest and helped us to increase awareness about our wide range of products in dermatology.

During CUTICON, ODISHA 2023, the company successfully established crucial connections with dermatologists and healthcare professionals, fostering relationships that are essential for future collaborations. The platform provided an opportunity to showcase East West Pharma’s dermatology products and innovations, enhancing brand visibility and credibility. Additionally, the insights gained from the event, including market trends and need gaps, will undoubtedly contribute to the company’s strategic planning and positioning in the dermatology sector. Overall, the meeting has served as a pivotal step in East West Pharma’s mission to consolidate its presence in dermatology in Odisha, setting the stage for sustained growth and success in the region.