East West Pharma- Chosen as one among the most trusted brands in India.

 Based on a nationwide survey across sectors by an independent market research agency, East West Pharma has been recognized as one among the most trusted brands in India, 2023. We received the trophy during a specially organized event at Mumbai. East West Pharma got the recognition alongside brands like Tata Motors, Reliance digital, Listerine, Strepsils, Sprite, Kaya, Hettich, Indian bank and Kissan to name a few. The parameters for assessment included quality, value for money, perceived popularity, and advocacy.

In today’s competitive marketplace, trust can be a key differentiator. Being recognized as a trusted brand sets a company apart from its competitors. It implies customer loyalty, increases customer confidence, and generates brand advocacy. However, it is essential for the brand to continue delivering on its promises and maintaining the trust of its audience to sustain these benefits in the long term.

We thank the doctors and our channel partners for bringing such a recognition to East West Pharma