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East West Pharma is an organization rooted to the conviction that improvement and innovation in healthcare happen when a company tuned to emerging ailment patterns teams up with a passionate community committed to delivering solutions that leverage the latest in medical science.

At East West Pharma the quest for the fundamental secrets of health remains a journey without a destination as signposts get shifted with new challenges and rapidly shifting needs. Through its wide portfolio of products that spans fifteen therapeutic areas coupled with an approach grounded on scientific temper, East West Pharma has been able to infuse among patients and the medical fraternity the feeling that the search for cost-effective therapeutic options across a wide array of disease states ends with the company product portfolio.

At the same time the company recognizes the special value of human life and believes that prolongation of life is not the only aim of healthcare. This belief has seen the introduction of a slew of wellness products with emphasis on quality of life.

The excellent supply chain and dedicated depots ensure that the products have a footprint that goes into even remote hamlets. East West Pharma is present in the entire healthcare delivery vertical that facilitate clinicians to straddle simultaneously the diverse pinnacles of clinical science and pragmatic medical intervention.

A business process that rejuvenates periodically is intrinsic to the operating philosophy of the company so that it wards off stagnation and the complacency of status quo. In adopting these approaches, the danger is that the proposition can become viewed as a product or project that the organization can belt on to achieve short – term gains. The moment this starts to happen, the idea is regarded as a finite initiative and will be seen as something that can be installed, implemented or indoctrinated into the organization. In East West Pharma, the base proposition is that such a mindset can be counter- productive and may result in short term pseudo change rather than a long term, cultural and commercial shift within the business. We strongly believe that any strategy need to focus on the principles of emergence, non-linearity and open – ended charge, rather than deterministic outcomes, rigid mile stones and a centralist driven approach.

At East West Pharma, we believe that scaling new peaks is only to see fresh horizons and greater heights to be reached and in the process, push the frontiers of quality healthcare!

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