ROOTS VII Clinical Dermatology Conference

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East West Pharma at ROOTS VII Clinical Dermatology Conference- Innovate, integrate, inspire.

East West Pharma made a significant impact at the recently held ROOTS VII Clinical Dermatology Conference. This esteemed event, renowned for gathering leading minds in dermatology, provided an exceptional platform for us to showcase our innovative products and engage with key opinion leaders in the field.

The theme of the seventh edition of ROOTS, a national conference organized by Roots Institute of Dermatological Sciences, Bangalore was Innovate, Integrate and Inspire. True to the theme, East West Pharma could showcase innovative products, emphasizing our commitment to improving skin health and integrate recent trends in the management of dermatological conditions.

Our booth attracted considerable attention, with majority of the clinicians evincing interest on TOFAMOD-AD and Ultra SBI featuring novel bioenhancer technology. The stall had a footfall of 400 delegates spread across three days.

The conference also facilitated invaluable networking opportunities with key opinion leaders, including renowned dermatologists and researchers. These interactions allowed us to gather insights into the latest trends and challenges in dermatology, fostering collaborative discussions. These engagements not only reinforced our existing relationships but also paved the way for new collaborations. The platform provided a good opportunity to discuss GLOW, our Dermatology webinar series with PGs and Junior doctors.

Participating in the ROOTS VII Clinical Dermatology Conference underscored East West Pharma’s dedication to staying at the forefront of dermatological research and development. We are proud of the positive response our products received and look forward to leveraging the insights gained from the conference to continue pushing the boundaries of dermatological innovation

By actively participating in such a prestigious event, we reaffirm our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that benefit both healthcare professionals and patients.