Regional CMEs

Regional CMEs – East West Pharma joins the quest for identifying the “Community phenotype”

In recent decades, India has witnessed a rapidly exploding epidemic of diabetes. Indeed, India today has the second largest number of people with diabetes in the world. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that there are 72.9 million people with diabetes in India in 2017, which is projected to rise to 134.3 million by the year 2045. The prevalence of diabetes in urban India, especially in large metropolitan cities has increased from 2% in the 1970s to over 20% at present and the rural areas are also fast catching up.

The “Asian Indian phenotype” refers to a peculiar constellation of abnormalities in south Asians, whereby for any given level of BMI, they tend to have higher total body fat, visceral fat, insulin resistance and prevalence of diabetes. When we further drill down, there are subtle differences at the community level probably due to the impact of demographic and psychographic variables. Participation in regional CMEs helps reveal these differences and helps in fine tuning strategies for targeted interventions.

East West Pharma participated in MGDCON 2023 , a regional CME organized by Dr.MG.Uvaraj, MG Diabetes speciality & Research centre, Salem, which attracted around 400 delegates from Salem and adjoining districts. The CME held on 13th August, focussed on adapting insights from a macro view to managing community phenotypes.

Relevant products were showcased by the company and the stall had a footfall of 150 delegates. It also helped in broadening our network with both junior doctors as well as KOLs.

East West Pharma has increased its participation in Regional CMEs and RTCs since it helps to address community level issues in managing disease entities peculiar to a defined area. Consequently, this can also change our product-mix emphasis in such areas.