Our Science

Our research, manufacturing and marketing capabilities across multi-therapeutic areas help us to create the best medicines that enrich lives and ensures wellness for all.

Drug development process

The discovery and growth of new drugs is a lengthy and difficult process. New drugs arecarefully chosen from a range of many hundreds of substances with the possibility to treat the targeted condition. Less than one or two compounds per hundreds tested actually make it to the market and are approved for use in patients.

The traditional drug development process in reality, has become a complex and iterative process rather than a simple linear path, and while all the many steps must take place, the sequence and cycles may differ.

Join the Movement

We believe sharing knowledge and skill is essential for the rapid growth of scientific understanding. And that bringing advanced therapies to patients requires intensive cooperation.

That’s why we have joined up with other top companies across the pharmaceutical industry.

We have also developed a strong global network prominent scientists and academics, who collaborate with us in our drug innovation activities. We, in turn, are glad to share our own skills and experience with peers and with the Pharma world.