The Karnataka Association of Physicians Conference (KAPICON) stands as a premier gathering for medical professionals under the aegis of API, offering a unique platform to share knowledge and explore cutting-edge medical interventions. With the alarming increase in non- communicable diseases, such a gathering of the best minds results in the dissemination of updated information on the approach to management with emphasis on quality adjusted life years

According to a report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), no communicable diseases (NCDs) contribute to 66% of all deaths occurring in India. NCDs are diseases that are not passed from one person to another and are mostly lifestyle-related. In 2022, the share of deaths related to non-communicable diseases in India was close to

70 percent. The share of premature deaths on the other hand attributed to the non-communicable category was over 20 percent.

By participating in this esteemed event on 11th,12th &13th Aug 2023, East West Pharma not only showcased the commitment to the advancement of knowledge but also highlighted the significance of a wide & flexible range of therapy options to better manage the exponential increase in the incidence of these diseases. Senior clinicians appreciated the wide range of products in Cardiology & Diabetology. Our exhibit was thoughtfully designed to facilitate interaction, learning, and gaining insights into new horizons of pharmacological options. The stall had a footfall of 200 delegates

By showcasing our products, sharing knowledge, and fostering collaboration, we affirmed our dedication to advancing healthcare. The Beats webinars, special CMEs and participation at national/state- level APICON have all coalesced together to reveal the company’s commitment to break conventional boundaries and advance scientific knowledge. As a responsible company in the pharmaceutical space, we realize that knowledge enhancement is as important as developing products & marketing the same. The connections made, knowledge shared, and insights gained during this conference have reinvigorated our determination to be at the forefront of developing meaningful therapeutic interventions.