July 13, 2022-Keeping pace with science

With medical science advancing at a rapid pace, it becomes important to remain updated so that current best practices are incorporated in patient care. East West Pharma has put together a wide array of academic programmes. The following are few initiatives launched by the company

Webinar for post-graduates’ students. Topics of relevance presented by experts in the in the field, once a month. This helps the PGs in any clinical stream to remain updated on recent advances in the approach and treatment of disease entities. What makes these sessions stand out is the fact that the topics are replete with distilled experience and not bookish. These sessions help the PGs to be exam-ready too

Participation in conferences & CMEs. East West Pharma supports and participates in conferences and CMEs across all specialities. This includes both state level and national level events (See photo gallery)

Books authored by experienced clinicians who are part of the company’s brain bank. These include fingertip fact books, fast track notes and compilation of diagnostic algorithms meant as a ready reckoner. Recently the company’s panel of doctors have authored such a fast-fact book on paediatrics with emphasis on bedside management

Several such initiatives have been scheduled during the year as part of the company’s mission to support the dissemination of updated scientific content