Dec 31, 2013 – Chairman’s address

As we come closer to the beginning of a new year, we are in a better position to look at things in retrospect and assess how far we achieved what we had resolved to achieve, both in terms of personal as well as business accomplishments. Business landscape has changed underlining interdependency as the key to success. It gives me immense satisfaction to see how over the years we have elevated this to a working philosophy. As we encounter fresh challenges in the New Year, I am sure this philosophy will form the bedrock of each one of our responses to them. Our managers must come out of the command-and-control paradigm and realize that the leaders’ job is to get the people to be responsible for their own performance. Despite the business turbulence, we have been able to achieve the objectives set for the year which reflects the confidence the medical profession and end users have reposed in us. But good always is the enemy of better. The greater danger for most of us lies NOT setting our aims too high and falling short but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark! We will then become content with a sense of motion. We won’t care if we are steering the course. We will become so entrapped in our past achievements and so wedded to the logic that made them possible that we will lose the ability to re-evaluate ourselves and revise our traditional approaches. On the contrary, we must behave as if there is a built-in obsolescence in every process so that we become more future-enabled. We will then respond to change in a different way . 2013 will then be a robust year for the company and we will be even able to exceed customer expectations due to optimal leverage of the strategy, systems and infrastructure.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year.

(Excerpts from the Chairman’s address to employees on the eve of the New Year)