Continuous Professional Development at East West Pharma

Continuous Professional Development at East West Pharma – A commitment to foster excellence

East West Pharma takes training and development of its salesforce seriously, recognizing that well- trained and motivated sales representatives are instrumental in achieving company goals. The company’s training program follows a comprehensive approach that encompasses both initial onboarding and ongoing skill enhancement.

The onboarding process starts with an orientation program where new sales representatives are introduced to the company’s values, culture, products, and sales methodologies. They also receive training on the pharmaceutical industry’s regulations and compliance guidelines to ensure they operate ethically and legally.

Once onboard, the salesforce undergoes a series of rigorous training modules designed to enhance their product knowledge, selling techniques, and customer relationship management skills. These modules include workshops, role-playing exercises, and interactive sessions to simulate real-world scenarios and refine their abilities to handle various situations.

Beyond the initial onboarding, East West Pharma continues to invest in the professional growth of its salesforce. Periodic training sessions are conducted to keep the representatives updated with the latest product developments, industry trends, and sales strategies. These sessions often include guest speakers, industry experts, and motivational speakers to inspire and provide fresh perspectives.

Recognizing the importance of digitalization and technological advancements in the pharmaceutical sector, East West Pharma offers digital marketing and technology training to equip its salesforce with the tools to leverage modern communication channels effectively.

To ensure the effectiveness of the training program, the company regularly assesses its salesforce’s performance and identifies areas for improvement. Feedback from customers and managers is also sought to evaluate the representatives’ strengths and weaknesses.

East West Pharma fosters a culture of continuous learning and growth, motivating its salesforce to strive for excellence . This commitment to training and development has contributed significantly to the company’s sales success and has earned it a reputation for having a highly competent and dedicated sales team in the competitive pharmaceutical industry.