Aug 28, 2021 – When virtual became the new normal

As the pandemic ravaged the nation, every company was forced to think not only out of the box but the nature of the box itself. SARS-COV-2 targeted the frontline health workers as they fought to contain the scourge. Out of compulsion consultations and meetings had to be shifted to a virtual platform.

East West Pharma responded to the challenge in multiple ways. Virtual platforms were created at record speed to facilitate online consultations. The company encouraged and supported virtual conferences like CUTICON and Annual World Diabetic Convention, aimed at dissemination of updated scientific content. Virtual courses were conducted to the salesforce to sustain the feeling of connect and also to instill confidence in them to handle melancholy.

Though the company’s resilience was tested, looking at the challenges as opportunities in disguise helped to ride through the turbulence. The fight is not over yet, nor is innovation within the company on how to handle this unprecedented, non-linear, unpredictable socio-economic and healthcare crisis.