97th Rank

East West Pharma ranked 97 in the Indian Pharma Industry

As per the recent audit report released by IQVIA, the international pharma market audit firm, East West Pharma is ranked 97 in the Indian Pharma Industry in August 2023. Growth also has been robust at 37%.

The company also is the second fastest growing among the top 50 pharmaceutical companies in the south zone. Such milestones provide additional momentum for the company’s effort to become future-ready with a slew of products that fit in with the changing therapy needs, accelerating its journey to become one of the most admired companies in the Indian Pharma Industry.

There is nothing like one defining action that has helped the company to notch up this rank in a very competitive marketplace. The company has been able to harness the twin processes of discipled thought and disciplined action to sustain this trajectory. There has also been an increased emphasis on market research to identify potential and emerging market segments. The company has concentrated on a differentiating strategy of creating value monopolies through meaningful customer engagement.

It is a classic paradox – the bigger the business gets, the more customers it needs to fuel the system. But the more customers it gets, the more difficult it becomes to look after them. Therefore, East West Pharma proposes to narrow down the salesperson to doctor ratio across all the markets it operates and strike a decent balance between customer care and customer count.