Management Team

Our team of professionals are held accountable for delivering the targeted results. As a pharmaceutical company, our focus is toward Salesforce in terms of numbers. For every state, we have a sales manager in charge under whom there are at least two levels, our State Heads report to the National Sales Manager.

The vice president directs the Product Strategy Group with the responsibility of maintaining the portfolio dynamic and current. And also supports the sales force in terms of training and development, design and develop promotional materials and manage events to increase networking. Thus this division is accountable for developing brand equity. Each Therapy Category, guided by a team of Product Managers, report to the Vice President.

The General Manager manages the Sales Administration team and supervises, the proper functioning of the sales depots and the timely movement of sales stocks, including promotional materials.

The Chief Accounts Officer has a team of Account Assistants who manage financial accounting, payroll, corporate taxation and liaison with banks. There are many support staff who make it easy for teams to function effectively. The support staff are trained so well that they have the talent of simplifying huge complex tasks.

There are frequent cross-functional meetings between the teams that help the company to work together with concerted effort.